2-6 Players
60 minutes

Espionage is a treacherous game.

In the heart of the cold war your mentor alerts you to a mole in the service. He claims he has the final list of operatives, which will be sold soon. On your arrival your mentor is dead and you’ve been lured into a trap. You have 60 minutes to break out and head to the safe house, before the timer ends and the whole place detonates!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to escape in under 60 minutes? If so, book online now and see if you can BREAKOUT!

Spy games is the perfect Escape Game to introduce new groups to the Breakout Rooms. In a race against the clock, two teams can race against each other in identical Spy Games (1 and 2). Teams of up to 6 can compete and race right next to each other and see who can Breakout first!