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All I can say is well done Watford!
Brilliant escape room!
Staff are really helpful and friendly the rooms are amazing!
I would recommend the exorcism room it was really good it’s 3 rooms you have to get through a little hard but you can use the walkie talkie to ask staff for clues etc

But seriously anyone who hasn’t done an escape room please go do it! You will not regret it!
And the price is very reasonable!

The only thing I will advise is that don’t wear a coat inside as you get a little warm in the rooms especially if you are a group of 3+


6 10/11 year olds went for a birthday treat. All thoroughly enjoyed it. The 2 girls who were staffing it were friendly & efficient.

Robert H

We booked on the day as we were looking for something to do in Watford on a drizzly day. We’re very glad we went. The hosts were friendly, the Pirate room was challenging and well thought out. We didn’t complete the room on this occasion but we had great fun trying.


Ended up playing two games here – we did the Spy Game initially, which was quite intelligent, subtle clues and hints – with some teamwork we smashed through it!! and then we moved on to The Exorcism – really well themed, great atmosphere to the room, and the puzzles worked in a different way from the first game.

Definite highly recommended.


We went as a group to raise money for Comic Relief. Breakout staff were excellent. They helped so much in raising money, the staff were so helpful and friendly. They created the scene and gave us those all important clues otherwise I think we would be still be there.

We had all three rooms. Two teams racing against each other as well as time. All teams enjoyed the rooms and we all came out with massive smiles and a real sense of achievement.

I would definitely recommend anyone to go, as friends or as a business looking for a real fun great team building exercise. We will definitely be going back.

Can’t wait for the two new rooms they are building.

Thank you Breakout Rooms for such a fun day and an amazing experience.


My daughter and friends came for her 14th birthday. They had a blast in the Jungle Room and the staff were very patient giving them extra time and clues to help them finish. Highly recommended.


Five of us went here on a Friday night, we did the spy room. The room takes roughly 60 mins to get out but we took 87 mins – the average is 90. Well worth the money, if you’re in Watford worth going.


I recently tackled ‘The Lost City’ with my husband. It was a fun game with a good variety of puzzles. Quite imaginative and challenging, particularly as there were only two of us. Staff were very friendly. We were asked how much help we wanted, which was good as some escape rooms give too many hints. We escaped with 5 minutes to spare so this was perfect. It would have been good to have a clock to help us gauge how much time we had left though! Looking forward to trying out their other rooms.


We had 8 of us taking part so we were split into 2 rooms starting at the same time and doing the same theme. I’ve done a fair few escape rooms before and this was just as good! Few surprises, few really tricky clues. Walky-talky very handy and easy to use. Only thing to mention was no clock in the room to see how much time was left so had to ask, but it was less distracting so maybe done on purpose?
Staff are lovely and it’s all very reasonably priced!


Booked in for a Friday pre-drinks competitive game, boys v girls. (myself and the lads were attempting the Spy room, why the girls did an Indiana Jones style lost city room) (you can compete like for like in the two spy rooms, however i messed up while booking – this if anything made our night even better as we discussed our separate experiences) what an incredible night, the staff are friendly, engaging and set the tone incredibly well. the actual escape room was amazing, this was the whole groups first try and the varying levels of difficulty and range of challenges and puzzles were great, meaning everyone had a chance to give great input.
I cannot recommend this enough, as a group of friends, work colleagues or as a family get together.
We have marked dates in our diaries to go again soon, and are eagerly awaiting the new horror themed rooms.
exceptional value for money, and we all came out with stupid grins plastered to our faces, and an enormous sense of achievement.


16 of us did this together as part of Christmas fun. Two guys working were very welcoming and organised. We were spread across the 3 rooms. Good fun and pleased we did it. Price was reasonable. Room was cleverly designed.


My daughter wanted to do something that none of her friends had done before. There were two teams in identical rooms that raced each other. Was amazing to watch them work out the clues and only needed a few hints along the way. Very clever and well thought out. Thank you for such an enjoyable hour. Both teams did break out of the rooms slightly over the 60 mins but they did it. Can’t wait to go back and do another one.


We went with 4 kids aged between 10 and 6. We had a great time, each one of us had a role and the little ones could join in. We would thoroughly recommend it and will be back to try out the jungle room. The lady hosting the experience was brilliant as well, gave us clues just at the right time.


Would highly recommend. We went as a team of six and it took a great deal of effort to finally get out.


I did this escape room for my dads birthday on a Sunday evening. The room was great with well thought out puzzles and a good back story. I have to say the staff were really nice and friendly, even letting us finish the room when we ran out of time. Would definitely recommend this place as an interesting alternative activity! 🙂

Jo W

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